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We have highly experienced teams, with design, development and marketing portfolios from media multinationals and blue chip companies

About our Company

We’ve got a wealth of technical expertise, knowledge and experience having developed numerous software solutions, Mobile Applications and Websites, including; multi-million pound systems and solutions for leading corporate organizations, NGOs, Councils to solutions for small to medium enterprises.

We run dedicated teams for our clients who act as an extension of their internal existing teams enabling them to add new skills to their existing team efficiently

We have mature teams with experience in Mobile, Desktop and console software applications. Our developers always have more than five years commercial programming experience and typically ten. They are generally programmatically multilingual and our teams cover MEAN Stack, Java, .Net, Php, Front-end JavaScript / Ajax, cocoa and c.

Using distributed communication and tracking technologies as well as online project management tracking software, you can keep in touch with our teams and on top of your project at all times.

Who We Are & What We Do

We are a software and Mobile development company with teams in England, India and Spain. We have business improvement and efficiency teams that can augment an existing team to add quality processes, scalability and delivery capability.
Our technical expertise is second to none, we are proud of our ability to create solutions for our clients’ business problems in the fastest and smartest way possible.

Lets Work Together

We are committed towards our goal of delivering the best services

Dedicated Teams

We have silos of various dedicated teams that work as an extension of clients team to add more efficiency and at the same expanding capacity and capability.

Business Integration & Optimization

Our Business efficiency teams work with our clients to make their business processes more efficient by adding Quality Processes, Scalability, Seamless global delivery and business integration.

Mobile Apps

Our specialised Mobile Apps development division has delivered cross platform mobile apps to some of the largest Global corporate giants to worlds largest NGOs.

Desktop Solutions

Extremely proficient in building feature rich, native applications for customers with specific desktop requirements. Often we enhance products by adding new channels for delivery.

cloud Solutions

Experts in the latest technologies, we develop powerful bespoke software solutions. Our software developments make customer ideas a reality, meeting their requirements and enhancing their products.

Hybris(SAP) solutions

Our Hybris teams have delivered solutions to major players in the e-commerce, telecommunications and media industries. We offer services in consulting, design, development, migration, maintenance and support.


We are a software and android development company with teams in London, Newcastle, India and Madrid.

News & Press Release

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From the beginning of the e-commerce era, sellers have courted positive reviews and frowned upon negative reviews. A negative review has strongly been believed to affect trust and therefore, sales.The irony of e-commerce is that people love to post negative reviews about a product (since it evokes anger, one of the five factors of virality) on being unsatisfied with the purchase. On the other hand, a customer has to be thoroughly satisfied by the product in order for it to receive a positive review.

Dedicated Team Model Offers
An Elite Extension of Your Team

The Dedicated Team model we offer is preferred by companies across different verticals as it features benefits that are hard to compete with: highly economical, better delivery, complete clarity on project status and greater flexibility to dynamically change plans; all aspects appreciated by management.

Build Your Own Team

Different verticals have different niche requirements. We offer teams that are varied from development teams to complete management of business processes. Executive project supervision is part of our commitment to excellence. As such, it is provided at no extra cost on an ongoing basis.

Lets start building your team and see the benefits of adappt running a team for you

Central London Office

Unit 6, Hounslow Business Park,
Alice Way, Hounslow,

Pondicherry Location

No: 89, III Floor, Vivyn Plaza,
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